Main Courses

Pork hock from marinade   40,00 PLN
(horse-radish, mustard)  
Stripe beef   38,00 PLN
Pork cutlet 28,00 PLN
Chicken breast coated with breadcrumbs 28,00 PLN 
Pie in the Old Polish manner 32,00 PLN
Pie in a diabolical manner 32,00 PLN
VEGE Pazibroda pie 28,00 PLN
VEGE Stuffed pepper 19,00 PLN
(cereal barley with vegetables)  
Duck backed with the apple 44,00 PLN
Steak 50,00 PLN
 Dumplings filled with meat (cooked or grilled) 22,00 PLN
Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms 20,00 PLN
Ruskie dumplings 20,00 PLN
Dumplings variety 20,00 PLN
Pork liver with onion 21,00 PLN
Pork fillet in chanterelle mushroom sauce 33,00 PLN

Additions to main courses to choose from:

White cabbage salad Baked potatoes
Red cabbage salad Boiled potatoes
Carrot salad Chips
Beetroots smached Potatoe dumplings
Fried cabbage "Śląskie" noodle
Bouquete of salads Bread of our own baking

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